We may have been in an unprecedented season at this point, but our mission and vision as the DA-Bureau of Soils and Water Management (DA-BSWM) continue.

As a way of signifying the very relevance of the Bureau’s existence, I take pride in welcoming you to the official website of the DA-BSWM!

This shall serve as your virtual reference as you get to know the agency in terms of its technical expertise. Aside from that, this shall also be used as a tool to bring you back in time where the history of the DA-BSWM is being written down.

Moving forward, I am personally excited to be leading this Bureau with all its excellent and diligent employees. There may have been a lot of programs, activities, and projects that are on-going and are on the pipeline, but we know that as we work as one, and with the guidance of the Almighty, we will altogether witness the fulfilment of our very mandate – the sustainable management of soil and water resources for agriculture.

Being with the DA-BSWM for decades to date, I have personally witnessed how the Bureau has gone from then, till now. But my passion in serving the nation has not ceased since. I am becoming even more motivated to work with all the employees of the DA-BSWM in the pursuit of our vocation for the nation. There are so much in store for us as we provide our service to the sector that feeds the nation.

As we do, this website will be one of the witnesses and repositories of our stories, including research studies, that were penned, and those that are yet to be etched in history. Through the use of this platform, we are also sharing with you our journey as a Bureau since you have also been taking part in each of our milestone.

Now that we are on our 70th year, we will be showcasing more stories about the Bureau and more updates on how we have been doing with all of our noble programs, activities, and projects.

I personally hope that you continue to visit this website to get to know more about the DA-BSWM, and on how we do our service for the farmers and the fisherfolk. One with the Department of Agriculture in its pursuit of its twin goals “Masaganang Ani, Mataas na Kita.” Thus, ensuring a food-secure and resilient Philippines with empowered and prosperous farmers and fisherfolk. Thank you very much and here’s hoping that you had a productive visit to our website!