Project Description

The updated NPAAAD and SAFDZ is a Geographic Information System (GIS) database that will spatially account for the remaining suitable areas for agriculture, livestock and fishery development. This will serve as spatial basis for the preservation of the remaining efficient agricultural land primarily for targeting higher and comfortable levels of self-reliance in food commodities.

The general objective is to provide accurate land resources information (updated data) as basis for appropriate planning and policy formulation for sustainable agriculture and fishery development in lands suitable for crops and livestock production and aquaculture. Specifically, it aims to (1) generate and assemble updated NPAAAD and SAFDZ maps usable for planning and decision-support at the LGU level, (2) determine land use changes and trends in land utilization in the identified SAFDZ and; (3) build and establish NPAAAD and SAFDZ geo-spatial database.

The project will cover 16 regions, 81 provinces and 1,619 municipalities and cities for four years (2018-2021). The expected outputs are technically updated maps of NPAAAD and SAFDZ. Regional Maps @ 1:250,000 scale, Provincial Maps @ 1:100,000 scale, and Municipal Maps @ 1:50,000 scale.


The target beneficiaries are the Agriculture and Fisheries sector and Program Planners of the Local Government Units

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