The project generally aims to strengthen and mainstream the evaluation mechanism for land use reclassification.

Specifically, it aims:

  1. To develop a standard national protocol on evaluation mechanism for land use reclassification
  2. To develop a standard data form templates or other technical requirements for efficient evaluation process
  3. Publish manual/national protocol on land use reclassification
  4. Capacitate/retool technical staff, especially the RTECLUM members and secretariat
  5. Include the LUR process in the regular program/plans/project/activities of the DA-RFOs


NTECLUM Member –Agencies (DA FOS, DA-Legal, BSWM, NIA, SRA, PCA, and other on-call agencies) RTECLUM, LGU, HLURB, NEDA. Farmers (e.g. support of LGUs and other agencies/stakeholders to prime agricultural areas (SAFDZ) identified in the CLUPs)

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