The Bureau of Soils and Water Management – Laboratory Services Division (BSWM-LSD) is an internationally recognized institution, as it is the National Reference Laboratory as per the Food and Agriculture Organization Global Soil Laboratory Network (FAO-GLOSOLAN).

Numerous policy issuance was passed, providing great responsibility to the institution.

The BSWM is the

  • Nationally mandated authority on soils and water management for agriculture; under EO 292, and is responsible for formulating measures and guidelines for the effective utilization of soil and water resources as vital agricultural resources to attain food security, food safety, and environmental stability.


  • Mandated national laboratory to organize Proficiency Testing and Inter-Laboratory Comparison exercises as per DA DO 6 s. 2021 “Revised policy on rationalization and strengthening of the Department of Agriculture (DA) National and Regional Laboratory Services”.


  • Authorized by DA DC 3 s. 2019 “Updated Implementing Rules and Regulations of Presidential Decree no. 1435” to supervise, regulate and control the establishment and operations of all soil laboratories in the Philippines. Rule 3B.4 of said DC states that the BSWM shall assess the proficiency of soil laboratories through interlaboratory comparison for the determination of the five soil fertility parameters.


  • Mandated authority to institute monitoring mechanisms to the Licensed Soil Laboratories as per DA MC 33 s. 2020 “Guidelines for the Implementation of PD 1435 on the Issuance of License to Operate Soil Laboratory”, which includes the conduct of interlaboratory comparison / proficiency testing.

As of 2021, there is no existing Proficiency Testing provider in the country that facilitates the evaluation of technical competence in the analysis of soil fertility parameters, which is of utmost importance when constructing geo maps and issuance of fertilizer recommendation for enhanced soil productivity.

These policy issuances and situation calls for the BSWM to be the pioneer institution in bringing high quality proficiency testing services for the analysis of five Soil Fertility Parameters (Soil pH, Organic Carbon (OC), Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium(K)) at the minimum, to all soil laboratories in the country.

The institution has long realized the need for a mechanism that facilitates the assessment, continuous monitoring and improvement of the current methods and best practices of Soil Laboratories in the country; ultimately enhancing its ability to provide accurate results. The institution is committed to provide exceptional customer services that conforms to accepted local and international standards on soil for agriculture.

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