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The Mindanao Network for Sustainable Organic Farming Systems (MINSOFS)

As part of the commitment of the Bureau of Soils and Water Management as principal investigator to ANSOFT is the creation of the Mindanao Network for Sustainable Organic Farming Systems (MINSOFS). A network of networked members, MINSOFS will give way to more organized regional group of organic producers, technicians, and consumers. MINSOFS will look into penetrating deeply into the consumer market and thereby assist network members reach customers without traders meddling into profit sharing. MINSOFS will also serve as the core organization to represent the region in policy making bodies in organic agriculture.


Republic Act 10068 or the Organic Agriculture Act of 2010, which provides for the development and promotion of organic agriculture in the country through a comprehensive program to be executed by a newly created National Organic Agricultural Board (NOAB).

The Philippine Organic Agriculture Law covers basically but not necessarily limited to four components (1) policy formulation on regulation, registration, accreditation, certification, and labelling of organic agriculture; (2) research and development and extension (RDE) of appropriate, sustainable environment and gender-friendly organic agriculture; (3) promotion and encouragement of the establishment of facilities, equipment, and processing plants that would accelerate the production and commercialization of organic fertilizers, pesticides, and other appropriate inputs; and (4) implementation of organic agriculture programs, projects, and activities including delivery of support services.


The creation of a network for sustainable organic farming agriculture will give way to a more organized regional group of organic producers, technicians and consumers. An easier way of penetrating the market will be handled by the network, which in turn helps the producers reach its customers without traders meddling in the profit sharing. The group will also serve as the core organization to represent the region in policy making bodies in organic agriculture. These are the broader goals the project wants to look forward to.

  1. To organize the regional consortium to constitute the Mindanao Network for Sustainable Organic Farming Technology (MINSOFS).
  2. To assist and provide organic producers and farmers with the technical knowledge on organic farming.
  3. To organize series of workshops that will help promote organic agriculture within the region.
  4. To showcase new techniques and exchange farming strategies within the consortium on organic farming through a techno-demo farm.
  5. To link the MINSOFS to the Asian Network for Sustainable Organic Farming Technology (ANSOFT).

Program of Work

Phase I. Establish the Mindanao Organic Agriculture Consortium

  • Possible and targeted members will be gathered to create the Mindanao organic agriculture consortium. Strengthening of the core group will be done during this phase as a technical working group will be formed to oversee the activities to be done by the consortium. A website will be allotted for the group as a form of identity. The website to be made will be linked to the Bureau of Soils and Water Management website and be under its supervision also.
  • Invite all organic farmers, cooperatives, groups and organizations throughout Mindanao
  • Formation of the Technical Working Group
  • Creation of the MINSOFS website

Phase II. Research and Technological Demonstration

  • This will cover the technological and organic farming phase of the project. The farming plan will be handled by technical staff of the BSWM’s Soil Conservation and Management Division and the Soil and Water Resources Research Division through its Research Center in Dalwangan, Bukidnon. Members will be taught on organic farming techniques and soil conservation strategies. Dalwangan will be linked to the internet and will serve as the hub of the consortium.
  • Workshops on sound organic farming practices
  • Showcase on DalwanganTechno-Demo Farm
  • Linking Dalwangan to the internet

Phase III. Creation of the Mindanao Organic Agriculture Network

  • It is a prerogative to have all the members of the consortium to be linked to each other to work in a network. An information board on the website to be created will be open to all members and visitors. Discussions on organic farming, its uses, benefits, strategies and possible market are all welcome in the info board. Information on all the members will also be published in the website to draw attention to possible new members and also to assist small organic growers near their area. As this phase is finished, the MINSOFS will eventually be linked to the soon to be created regional Asian Network for Sustainable Organic Farming Technology (ANSOFT).
  • Networking of all the members of the Mindanao consortium
  • Creation of an information board on all organic farming matters
  • Link the MINSOFS to the ANSOFT



Program leader/chairman and person to contact

Leader/Chairman: Mr. Vic Tagupa
Telephone No: (088) 227-2746
Cellphone No: +63915-965-2029
Association: Sustainable Agriculture Centre - Xavier University, Cagayan de Oro, Philippines
Contact Person: Mr. Rodelio Carating
Telephone No: (02) 920-4321
Association: Integrated Soil Resources Information Services, BSWM


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