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Soil and Water Resources Research Division

Contact No: (632) 920-4378

The Soil and Water Resources Research Division shall have the following functions:

  • Formulates plans and programs on applied and basic researches in soil chemistry, radioisotopes, soil and water conservation and management research and soil fertility and fertilizers, in accordance with the thrust of the Department of Agriculture
  • Formulates research policies, provides standards and establishes criteria for researches on soil characterization and utilization, soil and water management and conservation, soil-water-plant relationship, and analytical procedures
  • Generates data and provides research needs and new technologies to the different technical divisions of the BSWM
  • Maintains research linkages with the regional, national and international research institutions on soils and water sciences
  • Packages newly developed soil and water technologies
  • Provides assistance to the Training and Information Dissemination Service (TIDS) Group in conducting training programs on soil and water resources research and other related activities


Edna Samar

Division Head

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