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Soil Survey Division

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The primary concern of the Soil Survey Division is to generate soil data base through soil survey. Soil Survey involves examination and description of soil profile up to 150 cm. depth, classify and map it, conduct correlation work and then make interpretation as to the soils degree of suitability for agriculture, non-farm and other uses. It should be emphasized that soil being one of the most important and basic natural resource for food production and other uses merits adequate understanding of its physical and chemical properties and qualities to be able to make recommendation as to its proper utilization, conservation and management.

A sustainable agriculture can be only developed and food insecurity may be averted by knowing the characteristics and limitations of the soil proper land use and practices and introducing corrective measures to maintain or improve soil fertility and instituting soil conservation measures is indeed necessary.

The functions of the Soil Survey Division are as follows:

  • Plans and programs the various phases of soil survey activities like photo-interpretation, soil classification and correlation, and interpretation for integration with the national and regional development land use plans of the country
  • Plans and updates the formulation of standard operating procedures, guidelines, and techniques in soil survey mapping, photo-interpretation and remote sensing, classification, correlation and interpretation of soil survey data for both agricultural and non-agricultural uses and national inventory of Philippine soils
  • Conducts soil surveys and researches at all levels of generalization throughout the Philippines at acceptable international standards sufficient to supply the soil resources data required by end users including al government agencies and the private sectors
  • Procures, compiles, records, and indexes satellite imageries, aerial photographs, and topographic maps in support to the soil inventory of the country
  • Plans, coordinates, and supervises pedologic soil classification, correlation activities nationwide and coordinates research studies on soil genesis and morphology
  • Plans, coordinates, and supervises pedologic soil classification, correlation activities, technical monitoring, and quality control of all soil surveys according to current internationally accepted soil classification system, i.e. the soil taxonomy
  • Develops and formulates a systematic procedure in the assessment of soil properties/characteristics (physical, chemical engineering) from the soil survey data to determine the suitability and management requirements of potential, marginal, and problem soils
  • Plans, organizes and coordinates training programs and seminar workshop on soil survey operation, photo-interpretation, remote sensing, soil classification and correlation and soil survey interpretation
  • Provides and maintains systematic documentation, publication, circulation and compilation of soil reports, soil maps, soil suitability classification, other interpretation and thematic maps in the provincial, regional, and national scale for planning, research, policy formulation, and other end uses


Dominciano Ramos, Jr.

Division Head

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