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Water Resources Management Division

Contact No: (632) 923-0464

The functions of the Water Resources Management Division are the following:

  • Provides technical advise and assistance on matters relating to water resources development and management
  • Formulate standards, guidelines and procedures for planning, design, construction and management of structures for farm water resources development including the conduct of water resources development project studies
  • Reviews and evaluates feasibility studies, plans and designs of water impounding projects and other alternative water resources structure such as ground water dam system, shallow wells and small diversion dams
  • Prepares guidelines for the preparation and maintenance of water impounding systems and other water resources development projects including its institutional development covering the farmer-based organizations and project beneficiaries
  • Assists in the training activities of the Bureau on the planning, design management and implementation of water resources conservation projects
  • Provides guidelines for the establishment, operation and maintenance of agro-meteorological stations
  • Coordinates and cooperates with external agencies and institutions on activities relative to water resources planning and management


Engr. Teresita S. Sandoval

Division Head

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