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The Office of the Director provides overall direction in the execution of the mandate of the Bureau of Soils and Water Management (BSWM). The Director, as head of the agency, is granted the necessary authority for financial and administrative matters of the BSWM. As such, the following responsibilities and functions are carried out:

  • Oversee the efficient implementation of the BSWM's programs, projects and activities relative to its plans, vision, mission, goal and management implementing procedures
  • Review plans, budgets, work programs and accomplishments of the BSWM within the context of the Department of Agriculture's priorities and policy thrusts
  • Negotiate and coordinate with local and foreign institutions for the implementaion of the BSWM's programs and projects relative to its mandate
  • Represent the Office of the DA Secretary in negotiations, discussions and undertakings in so far as the BSWM is concerned
  • Undertake other related functions as may be necessary for effective policy implementation of the BSWM benefiting its status as staff agency of the Department of Agriculture


Ms. Angel C. Enriquez, CESO III

OIC, Director

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