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Qatar seeks help from PHL to conduct cloud seeding operations

By Loraine D. Cerillo - Project Development Officer II
December 07, 2015

The State of Qatar by their Ministry of Transportation invited the Philippine delegation team for an official visit in Doha, Qatar to provide technical assistance in the finalization of their study about cloud seeding due to water contamination being brought by water pollutants and climate change to their ground water. The CSO that produces rains can recharge the ground water and will flash the pollutants that are present the in the water. Besides from that, Qatar is pushing for the CSO in their country to sustain the agricultural production.

The Philippine delegation team is headed by the Bureau of Soils and Water Management Director Silvino Q. Tejada who presented the overview of the CSO in the Philippines. Tejada said that this is an honor and opportunity for the Philippines to impart our knowledge in the international community about CSO because it shows that the country is being efficient in its initiative and ways in providing operational services in its own grounds.

Furthermore, the delegation also presented our experiences with regard to CSO, Qatar's geographical and climatological conditions in order for the team to provide insights and other necessary requirements for the possible CSO in their country, discussion about the CSO being undertaken by other countries and the finalization of their rain making/cloud seeding study.

However, during the presentations and discussions, several queries were raised that include risks and hazards during the conduct of the CSO which of course refers to the occupational risks because CSO flights are far way different compared to commercial flights wherein the plane evades the cumulus clouds resulting to a turbulent and very uncomfortable rides. Another concern is the geographical difference of the Philippines and Qatar. Philippines has no neighboring countries that maybe affected during the conduct of CSO compared to Qatar, that is why, the team suggested a thorough assessment and evaluation of the physical and historical climate data and information of the target areas and plan the activity carefully.

Dir. Hamad Bin Ghanim Al-Thani, Director of Quality Assurance Department, Land Transport Services and Chair of the Committee on Cloud Seeding said that he and the members of the Committee are pleased to the Philippine delegation team for the help they provided for the finalization of their study and utmost effort to respond to the queries and clarifications of their cloud seeding Committee members. On the other hand, Dir. Silvino Tejada insisted Qatar to visit the Philippines to observe and witness the actual conduct of CSO.

As for the possibility of conducting a test CSO in Qatar, both parties agreed to prepare the requirement for the activity as reference for the compliance of Qatar's CSO Committee to be done by the Philippine team.

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