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Expanded Modified Rapid Composting (EMRC) Project Launching and Farm Inputs Turnover

By Hermina C. Bolaoit and Raul Villacorte
June 22, 2012

(Left) Trichoderma harzianum; (Right) Participating EMRC Farmers
The practice of using the most popular input in modern agriculture; the synthetic fertilizers brought very dramatic yield increases in crop production as reported by researchers and practitioners. Relatively easy to manufacture or mine, to transport, and to apply, in either liquid or granular form, fertilizer can supply crops with readily available and uniform amounts of several essential plant nutrients. The immediate effect on crop production is extremely appreciated by our farmers and made them dependent on their use. However, a growing concern for the environment and escalating production costs make organic fertilizers more attractive to growers and the government like the system of nutrients recycling and organic matter turnover.

The Expanded Modified Rapid Composting (EMRC) project is a nutrient recycling technology demonstration from the Bureau of Soils and Water Management (BSWM). This involves primarily the efficient use of rice straw, animal manure, and water. Rice straw, other farm wastes and dry or fresh animal manure are abundant on the farm. Through the Compost Fungus Activator Trichoderma harzianum, rapid composting takes place. The usual rice straws and other farm wastes piled in the farm will no longer hamper land preparation for the next planting season instead this will bring back in the field the nutrients carried by the harvested crops.

The Provincial Local Government of Abra-Office of the Provincial Agriculturist was luckily awarded with a one hundred (100) hectare EMRC project sites divided equally for the municipalities of Manabo and La Paz. Majority at the specific locations of the said project, the planting season commences late June each year for the wet season cropping . As such, turnover of inputs was conducted at the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist on June 20, 2012 with the presence of the participating farmers from the municipalities of Manabo and La Paz Abra together with their Municipal Agricultural Officers and Agricultural Technologists.
A short program was conducted wherein the Provincial Agriculturist, Mr. Jesus R. Villamor Jr. welcomed the participants and guests of the said turn over ceremony. This was followed by the project overview presented by the BSWM-SWAC CAR-A and Provincial Focal Person, Hermina C. Bolaoit.

The Provincial Governor, Hon. Eustaquio P. Bersamin was present during the activity. The governor reiterated his interest in helping out the farmers and support in the implementation of the project. He challenged the farmers to group themselves and register to avail of the cash assistance he is giving out to assist them in their farm production activities. Just after the governors’ message, the distribution of inputs followed through. EMRC inputs include microbial inoculants, Trichoderma harzianum, vermicompost and inorganic fertilizers.

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