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Expanded Modified Rapid Composting Technology in Region V

By Celso Bersabe
June 27, 2012

EMRC in Bulan, Sorsogon
The Expanded Modified Rapid Composting Technology popularly known as EMRC, was introduced in selected sites in Region V for the wet season cropping, 2012. The promotion of the technology constitutes a 50-hectare technology demonstration which promotes the use of Trichoderma harzianum as rice straw decomposer and seed inoculant and use of vermicompost/cast and vermitea in combination with minimal inorganic fertilizer application for rice production.

Three (3) techno demos were established in barangays - Bagacay in Gubat; San Pedro and Bagsangan in Irosin; Burabod in Bulan; all in the province of Sorsogon with a total of 145 hectares and 204 recipients. In Albay province, Brgy. Marayag in Libon, Napo in Polangui, Pamporong in Oas and Pawa in Tabaco accommodated 4 technodemo farms (200 ha. ) with 202 recipients; while in Camarines Sur, the 262 ha technodemo farm was distributed among 291 recipients in 5 barangays, namely: Brgy.Managle in Sipocot, San Isidro in Libmanan, Salvacion in Tigaon, Binanwahan in Lagonoy, and San Roque in Palayon.

As an initial activity, the recipients were familiarized with the protocol in the implementation of the project during the technical briefing sessions which were conducted from April 9 to June 25, 2012. The topics discussed included proper soil sampling, establishment of TD in each farm and yield data collection. It was emphasized in the forum that strict compliance with the terms of the agreement of “no burning of rice straw” policy shall be strictly enforced. In return, the recipients expressed their willingness to comply with the terms and were thankful of the grants.

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