One thing it is to know our name, another thing it is to know what we do and why we do it.

Hence, it is my honor to welcome you to the official website of the DA-Bureau of Soils and Water Management! This site will give you a visual trip to where we have been.

With my decades of service for the nation through the DA-BSWM, I have personally seen how it has been consistently committed in giving the best of each one’s capacity in fulfilling its mandate in the field of soil and water resources for agriculture.

Thus, I am proud to share with every one the stories of the DA-BSWM as a government agency and as a family. Here, you can see glimpse of the implementation of our programs, projects, and activities. You may virtually witness how we have been dealing with our stakeholders in the field.

Through the years, the DA-BSWM has been dealing with the people on the ground. The programs, projects, and activities that we have been implementing have given great contribution for the attainment of the goal of the agriculture sector, particularly in terms of the sustainable management of soil and water resources for agriculture. For sixty-nine years now, we have had gone through a lot of field works, meetings, congresses, seminars, and many other activities to further strengthen the people who we are called to serve – our beloved farmers and fisherfolk. And that for us is one of the best feelings there are – that feeling of doing something significant for the agriculture sector.

Realizing all these achievements gives me the pride as the OIC, Director of the Bureau. But behind this, allow me to acknowledge the One who made all these things possible, the Lord Almighty. All praises, glory, and honor are His for what has been and what will be for the DA-BSWM.

Moving forward, I am personally excited to witness the fulfillment of our vision for the agriculture sector. Again, thank you very much and enjoy your visit in our official website!

OIC, Director Sonia M. Salguero
June 4, 2020