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The bureau's quarterly assessment bulletin

First Quarter Issue Contents
  • »   COD Goes Digital
  • »   The Other Side of COD
  • »   Soil and Water Resources 3D-model
  • »   Dr. Hernandez’ Retirement
Fourth Quarter Issue Contents
  • »   Partnerships for Biodiversity Conservation: Mainstreaming in Local Agricultural Landscapes” otherwise known as Biodiversity Partnerships Projects (BPP)
  • »   BSWM Hosts 4th Bhutanese Institutional Visits
  • »   Soil Conservation Guided Farms Under Peat and Peatlands of the Philippines
  • »   World Overview of Conservation Approaches and Technologies (WOCAT)
  • »   Soil Conservation Guided Farm Projects Activities
  • »   DA-BSWM Establishes New Trichoderma Laboratory in Banaybanay, Davao Oriental; Two-Day Training Follows
  • »   BSWM Christmas 2012 Photo Gallery
Third Quarter Issue Contents
  • »   WRMD’s SWIPs and other SSIPs spur countryside agricultural productivity and build the resilience of rainfed vulnerable communities against the adverse impact of climate change
  • »   WRMD Organizational Chart and Personal Profile
  • »   The Other Functions of WRMD
  • »   SWIP : Making Life Brighter in Libasan, Nabunturan, Comval Province
  • »   Kiss the dry spell goodbye: The BOHOL CLOUD SEEDING Success Story
  • »   It’s MORE FUN in WRMD
  • »   Harnessing Renewable Energy Sources for Pumping Water
  • »   Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) on the Automated Weather Stations of the PL480 Project
  • »   WRMD Staff Completing his Masters Degree in New Zealand
  • »   WRMD Strengthens SWISA’s Through the Conduct of Regional Congresses
  • »   BSWM Holds Mid-Year Review and Planning Workshop of Projects (under HVCDP)
  • »   Mid-Year Performance Review and Planning Workshop (under the Rice Program)
  • »   Agromet Cum Climate Change (PL480 Project Updates)
  • »   Harmonization of Guidelines on the Implementation of Small-Scale Irrigation Projects and Firming-up of Targets for CY 2013
  • »   WRMD Participates in HVCDP 1st Semester Performance Assessment FOR CY 2012
  • »   PH Participates in PAN-ASIAN Project
  • »   WRMD Presents the 1st Semester Accomplishments for CY 2012 under FAP’s
  • »   Updates on BSWM-JIRCAS Research Activities in Negros Occidental
  • »   Updates on Small Scale Irrigation Projects High Value Crop Development Program
  • »   Tribute to Mang Emil
  • »   BSWM News Brief
Second Quarter Issue Contents
  • »   THE SOIL AND WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH DIVISION: Developing Soil and Water Technologies For The Filipino Farmers
  • »   BSWM Holds Its 2012 R & D Review and Evaluation
  • »   BSWM Conducts Assessment of Non-point Source Pollution from Croplands into the Manila Bay in Compliance to Supreme Court Final Order for the Manila Bay Cleanup, Rehabilitation and Restoration
  • »   BAR Grants New UV/Vis and AA Spectrometer to BSWM
  • »   A Greener Pasture Inside the BSWM-SWRRD Greenhouse
  • »   Comparative Efficiency and Economic Value of Biogas as an Alternative Fuel for Cooking
  • »   Increasing Corn Yield at Lower Cost Through Biofertilizer Inoculation
  • »   Solano, Nueva Vizcaya, OFPP Site: A Recipient of the 2011 Rice Achievers Award
  • »   The Philippine Society of Soil Science and Technology, Inc. (PSSST) – 15 Years of Good Work
  • »   AN ACCOLADE TO A MULTI-AWARDED COLLEAGUE: “ATE ELY” Retires After Serving BSWM for 41 Fruitful Years”
  • »   Ate Linda Now Enjoying Her Fruits of Labor
  • »   SWRRD Personnel Pursuing Doctorate Degree in the Land Down Under
  • »   Presenting This Year’s BSWM Distinguished Outstanding Employees, Special Citation, Group, and Loyalty Awardees
  • »   BSWM News Brief
First Quarter Issue Contents
  • »   The Laboratory Services Division: YOUR PARTNER TO A BETTER FARMING ENTERPRISE
  • »   Profile of the Manpower Resources
  • »   What the Laboratory Division Has to Offer: Pursuing Analytical Services To Advance BSWM Mandate
  • »   Tapping the Potential of Tricho for Organic Fertilizer Program
  • »   LSD Offers Free Training on Tricho and Legume Inoculant Production
  • »   Laboratory Museum at BSWM
  • »   JICA’s QCAM Project in Cambodia Ends with Director Tejada’s Visit
  • »   Filipinos in ODA Featured in Japan Newspaper
  • »   BSWM Supports Farmers Mining Communities in Leyte Through Private-Public Partnership in Organic Agriculture Projects
  • »   Innovative Mindoreños on Vermi Compost Production
  • »   LSD Supports BSWM Project
  • »   NUFFIC Grantee Back from the Land of Windmills and Cheese
  • »   Engr. Rafael Monte Retires in October
  • »   BSWM Recognizes FIDOs
  • »   Jalani Receives Three Major Blessings
  • »   A Day in the Life of a Laboratory Analyst
  • »   BSWM Relevant Events
Fourth Quarter Issue Contents
  • »   BSWM Supports Bill on Soil and Water Management
  • »   The Metro Manila Land Resources
  • »   Two Mindanao Watersheds Covered By MRDP
  • »   Brgy. Napo, Linamon, Lanao Del Sur Rises After the Disaster
  • »   JFC Initiates Watershed Preservation Efforts
  • »   News briefs
  • »   BSWM Holds 1st National Summit for SSIP
  • »   SWRRD Personnel Conducts Echo Seminar Series on International Trainings Attended
  • »   ALMED and COD Join Anew for Another BSWM Project
  • »   Preliminary Output for LAPADI of Oriental Mindoro Presented
  • »   BSWM Participated in WFD Activities
  • »   Paskuhan sa BSWM 2011
  • »   SWRRD and 3 Research Stations Bags Two Awards During the BSWM Christmas Party Celebration
  • »   The Philippines Participates in the 10th Session of the Conference of the Parties of the UNCCD
Third Quarter Issue Contents
  • »   BSWM-FAO Organizes Land Use System Workshop
  • »   Soils of Isabela
  • »   Soil Survey Division to Characterize Rice Soils
  • »   The Philippine Statement: UNGA High Level Meeting on Addressing Desertification, Land Degradation and Drought in the Context of Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication
  • »   News briefs
First and Second Quarter Issue Contents
  • »   Sustainable Agriculture Practitioners in Mindanao Organize Network for Info Sharing, Policy Advocacies and Marketing
  • »   The Soils of San Luis, Aurora
  • »   Zamboanga Peninsula: All Set for Organic Fertilizer Production
  • »   PHILCAT Participates in the Share Fair and 15th Annual WOCAT Workshop and Steering Meeting in Kyrgyzstan
  • »   BSWM Launches Updated NAP-DLDD
  • »   The Potential of Malalag Watershed
  • »   BSWM Holds National Consultation and Book Launching of the Soil and Water Resources RD/E Agenda 2011 to 2016
  • »   Recognizing the Vital Role of the Trees
  • »   The Magic of Worms
  • »   INFERNO
  • »   Homage to Tatang
  • »   News briefs
Third Quarter Issue Contents
  • »   ACIAR's CEO Visits BSWM
  • »   Soil Erosion As an Indicator of Agricultural Sustainability in Tropical Watersheds
  • »   The Soils of Boac, Marinduque
  • »   The Mt. Balagbag Guided Farm Project
  • »   Tejada's Garden: Promoting the Benefits of Urban Agriculture
  • »   News briefs
Second Quarter Issue Contents
  • »   Alcala is the New DA Secretary
  • »   Spectral Response Analysis of Selected Philippine Soils in Varying Conditions
  • »   Major Lowland Rice/Corn Soils of the Philippines and Thier Characteristics
  • »   Coping with Climate Change Variability and a Learning Event on South-South Exchange on Managing Agricultural Water under Climate Change
  • »   Soil Fertility Mapping Project: A Step Towards Rice Self-Sufficiency
  • »   News briefs
First Quarter Issue Contents
  • »   Director's Message
  • »   Geographic Extent of Mt. Pinatubo Volcanic-ash Influenced Soils Using Remote Sensing: A Time Series Study on Soil Formation and Development
  • »   Erosion and Water Resources Assessment in the Upper Inabanga Watershed in Bohol
  • »   Comparative Analysis of Antioxidant Properties and Fruit Quality Attributes of Organically and Conventionally Grown Melons (Cucumis melo L.)
  • »   WRMD Chronicles: Looking back at the division's successful irrigation projects
  • »   News briefs
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